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This site describes my many varied interests. I hope to keep it up to date with things that are going on in my life. I'm also starting to attract some clients for web development and GIS consulting so I have a section for that. Music and Birding have been the things that take up my spare time since I can remember so I have content related to that as well. My personal birding site has been donated to the local Allegany and Garrett Counties' Bird Club. I created the eBird Near Drupal module used on the site to include bird sightings.

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My 2013 Fiesta
Ford Fiesta

J.B. Churchill (jbchurchill.com) web sites


Western MD Birding (the main website)
J.B.'s Birding Database
Garrett County Site Guide
Allegany County Site Guide
Map of Garrett County Sites
Map of Allegany County Sites
Garrett County Birdlist
Allegany County Birdlist
Western MD Birding Apparrel and other items on Cafe Press.


J.B.'s photography website
J.B.'s Flickr
J.B.'s Canon photo gear recommendations (stuff I use or want)

Web Development

Web Development pages My Web Development Business
My Blog is also largely concerned with Web Development.


I work as a Geographic Information Systems Specialist. I blog here largely as a way of bookmarking things that I learn or that I think are interesting and worth remembering.
My GIS Blog.


I created a site where I review my favorite music. I am interested in Jazz Fusion.
J.B.'s Music website

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